Community Connections

Constitution Trail Adoption

Heartland Community Church has adopted part of the Constitution Trail for clean up. This is one more way that we may serve our community. Our section of the trail is the very last half mile of the northernmost part of the trail. It is from Northtown Road to the Kerrick corn Elevators. We are required to clean up the trail once a month but would love to do it weekly if we have the volunteers. If you have a group, a family, or you as an individual would like to participate in the clean up, please contact the office at: (309) 452-7335

Weekend Meal Deal

Provide bags of food for the weekend for students who are in need. In partnership with Midwest Food Bank to pick up food that has been designated for this program. Once a month, a group picks up the food at Midwest Food Bank and delivers it at Heartland.

Ways to help:

  • Set up tables and help organize food at the church (12-2pm)
  • Join with a group to divide the food into bags for the children (5:30-6:30pm)
  • Help deliver the food to the schools on Friday morning (9:30am)

Groups, families, and individuals are invited to join us!
If you are interested in serving in this way, contact the office at: (309) 452-7335