Allen & Heath SQ Series Training Links

Allen & Heath SQ Series Training Links

Following are links to training videos for the SQ Series mixer. You are encouraged to go through the training videos before spending much time on the board.

Allen & Heath How-to Video Series – These 27 videos are each about 2 minutes long, covering specific topics on SQ Series mixer configuration and operation.

You can also view the YouTube videos on this channel.  They are from the St James Styvechale PA Team in the UK, so are practical “here’s how we do it.”  Note: when he uses the term “foldback” – he’s talking about stage monitors.

Allen and Heath SQ Online Training Course on  This is a good formal training course on the SQ mixer.  You will need to login to use the course.  Contact Kevin Ritter for login information.

Also available on is a general training course: Ultimate LIVE SOUND School and a course on EQ settings: Masterclass-EQ.

Documentation on the Allen & Heath SQ-7 Mixer
Documentation on the ME-500 Personal Monitor

Additional Optional Training Links

Some SQ related videos from ProAudioEXP on YouTube:
Assigning Soft Keys and Rotaries/Knobs with Allen & Heath SQ Series (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)
Using Insert Effects with Allen & Heath SQ Series (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)
Using Effects with Allen & Heath SQ Series (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)
Using Allen & Heath SQ Series with USB and your DAW (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)

25 Articles on various SQ related topics can be found here.

For a listing of Allen & Heath Previous Webinars and Live Stream Videos. These are webinar recordings, so there is a lot time spent reading comments from viewers and answering questions. There is good information, sometimes pretty technical. Just be aware that some videos can have a lot of extraneous dialogue. Some of the videos listed on this site which might be of interest:
Digital Mixer Architecture
SQ Setup & Configuration
SQ – Surface Controls
To change or not to change…
SQ Signal Monitoring
All About XCVI – SQ
Broadcast Mixing & Streaming with SQ
Virtual SoundCheck with Qu / SQ
Everything I/O
Everything I/O (SQ)
ME & Personal Monitoring
Remote Control – SQ

Videos are also available on the Allen & Heath Facebook page.