Staff Job Descriptions

Lead Pastor Job Description

General Description: The Lead / Sr Pastor is to provide the primary leadership, teaching, and direction of the church in all areas of ministry to fulfill the mission and vision of Heartland Church. He has six core responsibilities: 1) Listening to God. 2) Shape the Culture to Accomplish Vision/Mission. 3) Communicate Biblical Truth. 4) Cast Clear Vision. 5) Develop Leaders Who Make Disciples. 6) Connect with the Community.

Key Areas of Ministry Oversight: Edited: 9-1-22, 9-7-22, 9-15-22, 6-6-23, 6-7-23

Listening to God
1. Because you are the overall point person for the shepherding and leading of the church, it is essential you are the chief intercessor.
2. As to prayer, you set the pace. It’s not that your prayers are more spiritual or that God listens to you more, but there is something deeply sacred about the office of lead pastor. It’s not a power thing, but it matters who prays. It’s about calling.

Cast Clear Vision (Lead)
1. You are to seek God and His direction as the primary leader of the church. You are to seek input from Elders and staff. As a wise developer of leaders once said, “if no one is following you; you are only taking a walk.”
2. You are to work closely with the Executive Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and Elder Team to identify ministry priorities and strategies that will move the church closer to fulfilling its vision and mission. You are to lead from your strengths and lean into others strengths to compliment your weaknesses.
3. You are to develop a yearly ministry calendar with the Executive Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and Elder Team that will promote the vision and mission of the church.
4. You are the chief promoter of the church’s vision and mission with the church. Your aim is understanding and ownership.

Communicating of Biblical Truth through Weekend Preaching and Teaching (Lead)
1. You are to teach the congregation through messages rooted and consistent with the whole of Scripture. Your aim is equipping and disciple making.
2. You set the preaching calendar in collaboration with the Executive Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and Elder Team.
• You work closely with the Executive/Worship Pastor to implement themes consistent with the preaching series that creates a transformative worship experience.
• You are to preach at least 36 times per year. You are to establishes a rotation schedule for the remaining weekends with our Assistant Pastors. (Ron, Ed and other pastors).
3. You are to weekly provide or oversee the provision of sermon content to the Worship Pastor and office/graphics team by Thursday a.m. of each week to allow for preparation of slides, etc.
4. You are to seek to develop young preachers/teachers, with the aim of multiplying and for future replacement.

Connect with Our Community through Outreach and Evangelism (Lead and Oversight)
1. You are to inspire, teach, and challenge our church in the pursuit of our first ministry priority: “Connecting imperfect people to God…” You are encouraged to utilize the strengths of our Outreach Pastor, Ron Schweinberg.
2. You are to interact with community pastors and leaders to discern, support, and contribute to the needs of our community. As of now, 2 to 3 hours per month.
3. You are to support and promote the opportunities for church planting through our denomination, FEC. Heartland Church is a church plant and will hopefully be instrumental in future church plants.
4. You are strongly encouraged to attend the annual FEC Convention to represent the church as its Lead Pastor.

Developing and Equipping Leaders Who Make Disciples (Lead and Oversight)
1. You are to leverage the help of other leaders including Elders and Staff in developing and discipling new leaders.
2. You are to model the leading of your own Life Group. As a leader, you cannot ask others to do what you are not doing.
3. You are to promote women to women ministries including mentoring, coaching, teaching, outreach, and relationship building among the women of the church.

Shepherding / Pastoral Care (Lead and Oversight)
1. You are to lead the Elders/Pastors in the administration of pastoral care. You may help facilitate these efforts through the Shepherding Pastor. Shepherding ministry should include hospital visitation, follow-up of visitors, funerals, weddings, and other body life needs.
2. You are the leading edge of Pastoral Care for the church body, but it is understood and anticipated you will utilize the Elders, Staff, and volunteers to help with visits, counseling, funerals, and weddings. Note: It is understood and anticipated that the Lead Pastor is not able to make every visit, or to provide direct care for every person. However, situations involving critical illness or death are to be given priority and emphasis.
3. You are to lead or oversee the engagement with visitors attending our church. This should involve a team to focus on visitors and assimilation.
4. You are to leverage Life Groups, Helps Ministry Team (Executive Pastor), Care Ministry, and Shepherding Ministry to be on the front line in touching lives.

Elders and Deacons
1. You are to work closely with the Elders as you involve them in the vision and mission of the church.
2. You are to lead in the developing of Deacons. You are to utilize the assistance of the other Pastors and Elders in this process.
3. You are to develop a recruiting and training strategy to develop and equip Elders and Deacons.

Counseling (Lead or Oversee)
1. You are to share counseling needs with the other pastors (or others recognized as counselors) who know of the individual / need and who can relate to that individual / need.
2. You are to delegate the creation a system for counseling may include training of Life Group leaders, ministry leaders, etc. to do Biblical counseling
3. You are to provide oversight of weddings (pre-marital counseling), funerals, and other special occasions. You are to develop and utilize ministry teams to assist in these areas.

Ministry with and by Staff (Lead)
1. You are to work closely with the Executive Pastor to lead and direct purposeful staff meetings.
2. You are to pursue a continuing education plan for skill building and self-improvement of staff team.
3. You may delegate day-to-day management of office and staff to the Executive Pastor.
4. You are to work closely with the Executive Pastor/Staff/Elders in the development/planning of the annual budget and annual Ministry Celebration/Partner Meeting.
5. You are to lead scheduled pastoral and to lead / oversee scheduled staff meetings.
6. You are to lead scheduled Elder Meetings.
7. You are to be on campus 40% or your time to interact with staff and others who may need you at the church.

1. You are to lead in communication with the church body. This includes a minimum of quarterly reports, semi-annual financial reports, and special events.
2. You are to use the communication tools and/or resources that are generationally appropriate and best received.
3. You are to coordinate communication as needed with the Executive Pastor, pastors, and staff.

Personal Responsibilities
1. You are to maintain a healthy relationship with God that exemplifies a disciplined plan of personal worship which includes: prayer, Bible study, and financial giving.
2. You are to prioritize the love and care of your family.
3. You are to pursue a balance between care of your family and care for the ministry. You are to assist your wife in finding her place of connection with the church family. Note: She is not on staff, so she is a volunteer as the rest of the church body.
4. You are to model a positive Christian lifestyle that reflects a commitment to evangelism and disciple making.
5. You are to maintain a continuing education plan for skill building and self-improvement.
6. You are to present a plan for a sabbatical every 5 years of ministry. This will be at least 4 weeks away and does not take the place of vacation benefits.

Financial Package and Supervision
1. The Elders will present a package that is in line with other lead pastor positions with the same qualifications, experience, and responsibilities. It will include salary, your selected housing allowance, health insurance or assistance, and retirement through our denomination’s program.
2. For vacation days, personal days, holidays, bereavement days, and sick days see the personnel manual.
3. The lead pastor is under the supervision of the Lay Elders. He is to abide by the constitution and by-laws of the church. To be voted in as Lead Pastor, it requires a 75% vote by Partners in attendance. To be removed, it requires a 75% vote by the Elders.

1. You must be a licensed or ordained minister of the gospel through our denomination, FEC. You must have approval by the FEC prior to final approval by Heartland Church. You are to lead in modeling 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9.
2. You must demonstrate appropriate theological and doctrinal skills that are in agreement with the beliefs of Heartland Church and its denomination, FEC. A Bible College or Seminary Degree is preferred, but not required.
3. You must exhibit adequate administrative and computer skills to carry out your responsibilities.

Lead Pastor Job Description 6-6-23

Executive Pastor Job Description

General Description
The Executive Pastor, in collaboration with the Lead Pastor, is to provide the overall leadership and direction of church staff, providing oversight and assistance in their functional areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission. Specifically, the Executive Pastor oversees strategic planning, finance, administration, human resources, facilities management, Helps Ministry and Worship (music and tech).

Key Areas of Ministry Oversight:
Strategic Planning
1. Support the Lead Pastor in the accomplishment of the church’s mission through evaluation of ministry effectiveness, offering discernment, assisting in decision making, planning, and overall direction of the church staff.
2. Collaborate with the Lead Pastor to establish and maintain a set of yearly key performance measures (KPMs) that provide the Lead Pastor, Elders and church staff with clarity and effectiveness of all ministries of the church.

Vision & Mission
1. Lead the ministry staff in the establishment and ongoing direction of their ministries to ensure the accomplishment of the overall mission.
2. In collaboration with the Lead Pastor, facilitate the annual strategic planning process including evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and tactics; and establishment of three-year goals.

Administration & Human Resources
1. Provide leadership and oversight to the support staff and volunteers performing duties in administration, finance, human resources, supply, and facilities management.

1. Develop an annual financial plan that funds the accomplishment of the church’s strategic plan and meets critical financial objectives such as the establishing of cash reserve levels.
2. In collaboration with the Lead Pastor, establish the annual budget. Prepare for the annual meeting and the vote on the annual budget.
3. In collaboration with the Lay Elders, establish annual staff salary and benefits. Final approval of annual staff salary and benefits rests in the oversight of the Lay Elders.
4. When necessary, lead or oversee the church’s building programs including capital fundraising campaigns, master planning, design and architecture, contractor selection, and construction.
5. Recruit and collaborate with the Deacon of Finance and the Finance Team. Keep them informed of the financial condition of the church and financial goals. As appropriate, delegate the development of the budget to the Deacon of Finance and his team.

Worship Ministry
1. Develop and lead the church’s worship ministry including music, band, and tech. This includes oversight of the production of worship services.
2. Oversee the recruitment of music, band, and tech team members and their evaluations, transitions, and training.
3. Maintain appropriate protocols for worship team volunteers related to spiritual walk and dress.
4. Coordinate with administrative staff the use of facilities and resources.

Helps Fund
1. Lead in the development and distribution of Helps Funds to our church family, individuals, ministries, or organizations connected to our church’s outreach, and to individual needs screened through our Helps Ministry system.
2. Lead in the recruitment of a Deacon of Care who will assist in the development of a Helps Fund Team. This team will assist in pre-screening and selection of applicants. You have the final say for all Helps Fund distributions.

1. Oversee the function and maintenance of the facilities and grounds.
2. Recruit and train a Deacon of Facilities & Grounds. Collaborate with he and the Facilities team to carry oversee the function, maintenance and improvement of our facilities and grounds throughout the year.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
The successful individual must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character. A minimum of Bible college or equivalent is desired with an emphasis in leadership, worship, and finance.

Executive Pastor Job Description 6-21-23

Shepherding Pastor Job Description

Shepherding Pastor Job Description
The Shepherding Pastor is one who has a passion to shepherd the flock within a multi-generational ministry.
• He is committed to protect, nurture, comfort, support, and equip those within his area of ministry.
• He has a passion for the Scriptures and a desire to teach and model God’s Word with conviction, compassion, and confidence.
• He will assist the Lead Pastor with Shepherding that includes New Attenders, Counseling, Hospital Visitations, Funerals, Weddings (pre-marital counseling), Discipleship, and Care Ministry.
• He will preach as needed / available.
• He will assist the Executive Pastor and Outreach Pastor as needed / available.

Detailed Job Description
The following defines the specific functions that may be performed by the Shepherding Pastor:
• Support the Lead Pastor in areas such as strategic planning, counseling, assisting people in crisis, funerals, weddings, hospital visits, new attenders, small groups.
• Support the Lead Pastor as part of the preaching rotation, and when requested, offering suggestions as to the yearly preaching calendar.
• Support the Executive/Worship Pastor with administrative needs including finances, budgeting, etc.
• Support the Outreach Pastor with planning and implementation of outreach events.
• Lead his own Life Group.
• Continue as a member of the Elder Board.
• Attend scheduled pastor and staff meetings.

Hours and Benefits
• Limit hours to 20 per week. These hours, with approval, can be completed as chosen during a pay period. Paid on the 15th and 30th of the month.
• Sundays available for serving: 26
• Payment per hour based on experience and position. Assistance with health insurance.
• Vacation time is 60 hours per year.
• If desired, cost for attendance to annual FEC Convention is provided.

Shepherding Pastor Job Description 6-8-23

Office Manager Job Description

The office manager is often the first connection to all who come to the church office. This includes staff, volunteers, and those from the community. She is to welcome, assist, screen, direct, manage, and refer all who come to our office each week to the pastor, staff or volunteer who will help meet their need.

In our current staffing arrangement, she assists the Lead Pastor with administrative and communication needs. She also assists the Executive/Worship Pastor with a variety of tech needs and set up for Sunday worship.


• Answer phones
• Attend to walk-ins
• Schedule volunteers (to cover phones when you are not here and during meetings, etc)

Receive, sort, pass on or respond to mail, email, phone and in-person communications, inquiries and requests

• Between staff and ministry leaders, congregation
• Create and distribute E-newsletter once or twice a month
• Assimilation – follow up with new people
• Connection Cards – respond to needs on cards (see detailed notes)
• Prepare and reproduce materials:
 the weekly program for Sunday service and whatever goes with that, including series cards and signup sheets
 brochures, workshop materials, promotional materials, etc
• Maintain and update CCB: Community Church Builder, our online database.
 Enter people and information
 Groups
 Calendar
 Events
 Surveys (forms)
• Maintain business files for the church office
• Keep current lists of attendees, partners, baptisms, etc.
• Oversee office, custodial and kitchen inventories, and place orders or purchase items as needed

• Coordinate facility use – all church events, elections, weddings, funerals, personal events
• Oversee sign-ups for events
• Promotion of events
• Coordinate details about events
• Coordinate weddings
 Contact wedding coordinator
 Facility request to facility manager
 Tech request to Matt
 Invoice for payment
• Assign tasks to other people

• Update computers and computer programs
• Create weekly sermon slides in Propresenter
• Update website and phone app with current announcements, sermon notes where needed
• Update auditorium lights as needed
• Post the previous Sunday’s message
• Troubleshoot copier, computers, website, etc.
• Serve on Tech Team on Sundays

• a Partner at Heartland Church
• work on computer, mostly Mac OSX, sometimes PC
• run copiers, fax and other office equipment
• ability to answer phone with wide range of callers and inquiries
• strong grammar skills and ability to proof read
• know, or ability to learn, various computer programs including Microsoft Office, Propresenter, and CCB. Layout and graphic experience helpful.
• strong people skills
• ability to work as part of a team as well as alone
• ability to make decisions
• ability to figure out technical problems or call and get assistance from other sources and implement the information.

• Monday-Thursday – 9:00-5:00; Friday – office closed; Sunday (three weekends a month in Tech Booth)
• Salaried, Health Benefits provided, Retirement through personal retirement account, Vacation, Scheduled holidays

Off Mgr Job Description – 6-8-23