March 15, 2020. All day

As Elders we have battled this decision through late last night and this morning.   After much prayer and reconsideration, as well as the call for prudence and caution, we have decided to cancel this weekend’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.  This includes Saturday’s Open House and Sunday’s services, lunch, and afternoon event.

Please know we are not acting out of fear, but prudence. Yes, as in my earlier communication yesterday, there are no known cases of the Covid-19 virus in McLean County; however, in light of the growing concerns, and the reality we would have had more than 250 people in a single gathering, we are cancelling.

HOWEVER, via Facebook, we are live streaming the 9:30 Service and at 11:00, the content of the afternoon Celebration event as outlined below.


9:30 - Watch live streamed - the planned morning service.  Roger Pryor and Jeff Ahlgrim will both be a part of the service on line.  Roger will preach.

11:00 - Watch live streamed - the planned afternoon Celebration.  We will do interviews, hopefully show videos, ask trivia.  We aim for it to be a live Facebook interaction if possible.

As to the cancelled lunch, we will reimburse you for the cost of the meal as soon as possible.

We will keep you posted as to what is next after this weekend.   Thanks for how you serve, give, and pray.  Especially, please continue to pray for this Covid-19 virus situation.